CARES Coaching Program

Cultivating Authentic Relationships & Emotional Stability 

Helping burnt-out and exhausted educators cultivate authentic relationships and emotional stability, so they can show up fully as their best selves in their work and their personal lives and create a positive impact in their schools and communities

Calling all School and Organizational Leaders!

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CARES Coaching Program for Schools focuses on “loving” our educators FIRST; to cultivate strong connections and grow greater awareness around social emotional wellness techniques and strategies so they feel more confident and equipped to integrate these essential practices within their personal life and in their classrooms. Participants will engage in FUN, interactive community building to strengthen relationships and engage in mental fitness wellness practices to cultivate emotional stability, and in turn, better support the needs of their students.

CARES workshops and coaching includes interactive team building activities, self regulation strategies, video recordings, workshop slide decks,  and 1:1 communication support with CARES Founder & Director, Julia Richter.