Community Building & Mental Fitness for Educators

This workshop is designed to help educators cultivate positive healthy mindsets, enhance personal well-being, connect greater as a staff, and in turn, learn to better support the needs of students. Through an “experiential” exploration of connection strategies, post traumatic growth, mental fitness, and neuroscience, workshop participants will fortify their own mental health while learning complementary therapeutic modalities and fun, creative ways to bring these strategies into their classrooms.


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Strengthening Partnerships w/ Families

Positive and goal-oriented relationships between families and staff provide a safe place where families can explore their hopes, share their challenges, and let family service professionals know how best to support them. In this workshop, participants will explore strategies to enhance their knowledge about strengthening connections and partnerships with families using strengths-based attitudes, relationship-based methods, well-being practices and reflective strategies.


Self-Awareness: Strengthening Connections & Conversations

This workshop generates awareness of how social emotional learning is connected to every decision we make, everyday. The cornerstone of social emotional learning is self-awareness. It is the foundation to growing other social emotional learning competencies which leads to healthy relationships through powerful conversations that nurture connection and trust. 


Quarterly “Refreshers”- Building Character & Relationships

Nurture and support the wellbeing of educators  through an “experiential” exploration of a variety of principles, practices and character values to strengthen mental fitness and cultivate connection.  Each workshop (4 total) is designed to be facilitated quarterly throughout the school year, to provide continuous support for teacher mental well-being, establish authentic relationships and build character values of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.  Every workshop is tailored to fit school needs as they change, therefore our dedicated CARES facilitator will check in quarterly, prior to each workshop, to determine pain points and desired outcomes through surveys and check-in’s with educators and leadership teams. 


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