Julia Richter

Founder of CARES Coaching Program for Schools

I help school and organizational leaders cultivate authentic relationships and emotional stability so they can feel connected, safe and reach their highest potential.  I am passionate about helping our educational leaders out there because I know how it FEELS to battle burnout and empathy fatigue.  I experienced many struggles as an inner city school educator for over two decades, and the unfortunate situations of pain, suffering and trauma created many challenges in and out of the classroom.  It became my desire and dream to bring more love and support into schools by providing tools and skills to manage emotions, be resilient in the face of adversity, make positive choices, and have meaningful relationships.

I became a certified Lifeforming Leadership coach and received certification in Mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning and Positive Intelligence.  I learned so much how to better manage stress and pain through mental fitness practices and so it became my mission to help coach these essential strategies to school leaders and educators, so they can fill their buckets and in turn, better serve the needs of their students.

I took my experiences of teaching, coaching and mental fitness to create CARES (Cultivating Authentic Relationships & Emotional Stability) Coaching Program for Schools.  CARES coaching and workshops help participants become more aware of what’s holding them back from being their best self and engage together to focus on the solutions to problems we face today.  I facilitate creative techniques and strategies to unite and empower ALL school leaders AND educators in becoming the best versions of themselves, and to cultivate strong, healthy relationships that will help build morale and positive, successful school cultures.  So if you’re looking to improve performance, well being and relationships in your school or organization, don’t delay…contact me today!  Together, let’s create a more kind and loving world!

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